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Crow, Mare and Squab

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Here are some new ones- The crow I did on my friend Eric and has a lot of tiny stuff that I don’t usually do in it. A nice change of pace. The horse is on tony who has the gypsy woman from earlier, and I did this pigeon on Vincent at Under the Needle during my last trip back to Seattle.


Seek the wolf in thyself.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

In 28 days I will be hurled into the sickening New York summer. I cannot wait. In the meantime I’ve been working like crazy trying to get as many tattoos finished as possible before I leave. This is one I did on Vincent, I could have drawn a wolf head but this old one is perfect so why bother.

Death lives every day

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Here is a Pharaoh’s Horses tattoo I did on Lyle. I outlined and did the black shading a while ago and we just got a chance to finish it. The rose with initials/dates was on a new customer named Daniel, it was his first professional tattoo and I think we were both really happy with it. The native girl is on girlfriend Heather, her Grandfather was a native cowboy and the DW/ was his brand. This was also the first tattoo I got to do with the new shader Nick Ackman built for me. You can see his machines and tattoos here. 

Only bones

Monday, April 19th, 2010

This is a new tattoo I did on my good friend Metalmike. It’s from a Merauder song which is hilarious. The tattoo looks like it would be on the side of your step dad’s motorcycle so I think it was a success. He has a lot of really amazing tattoos like the Seth Wood chest piece you can see part of in this picture, so I was flattered when he asked me to tattoo him. The Mexican skeleton I did on a guy named Chris who I had never tattooed before, he was a nice guy and I really like how his tattoo turned out.


Friday, March 12th, 2010

I haven’t been particularly busy with tattooing lately because I’ve taken a lot of time off for traveling and recording. Here’s a couple things I did last week. The bigfoot is on Lyle who has been very punctual about getting his arm done before I move. The nurse painting is a birthday present for my Grandmother, her name is Nana.

Life uh… finds a way.

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

These are my friend Bo’s hands. He’s straightedge. He plans on being Straightedge as long as these last. The Anchor is on Lyle. I tattooed him a year or two ago and now he’s getting the rest of his arm filled with very american tattoos. He’s a dream of a client, he hold still like a corpse and gives me just the right balance of direction and freedom. The black Popeye is on a gentleman named Q. Q has been getting tattooed by me and the other guys at the shop for quite a while and is always an adventure. I can’t describe how fun this tattoo was.

Nothing you can’t leave behind in thirty seconds flat…

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Here is a painting and a strange cardboard creature I did for the Thought Processor show put on by mister Phoneticontrol and held at Urban Light Studios in the Greenwood Collective.  The gorilla is on Chris LaPointe, it was the first real tattoo I’ve done on him. It was a blast. The teeth are gold, they’re just bloody in the photo. The black and grey one is on Brian who has the dagger/heart tattoo from earlier posts. The art is from the insert to the new record by a band called Another Breath. Definitely not the way I draw but it was really fun to tattoo. Lastly, the panther was on a very nice woman named Carrie whom I had not tattooed before. She was super easy going about the design, it’s halfway in-between the Bert Krak/Lee Hanna flash that she liked and the real old one they probably got it from.

Little bathing girl

Monday, February 1st, 2010

My good friend Matt who is also the apprentice at the shop got this tattoo. It’s also from the Owen Jensen book which we seem to have rediscovered this month. Tattooing this flash is really 2008 I know. Either way, I very proud of the way it came out.

Rose of no man’s land

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

I did this on my friend Julia. It was a pleasure. The design is from Owen Jensen flash and I drew the vine and leaves on her arm before I tattooed it. The dog is my friend Melvin on Christmas at his Grandmother’s house.