Nothing you can’t leave behind in thirty seconds flat…

Here is a painting and a strange cardboard creature I did for the Thought Processor show put on by mister Phoneticontrol and held at Urban Light Studios in the Greenwood Collective. ┬áThe gorilla is on Chris LaPointe, it was the first real tattoo I’ve done on him. It was a blast. The teeth are gold, they’re just bloody in the photo. The black and grey one is on Brian who has the dagger/heart tattoo from earlier posts. The art is from the insert to the new record by a band called Another Breath. Definitely not the way I draw but it was really fun to tattoo. Lastly, the panther was on a very nice woman named Carrie whom I had not tattooed before. She was super easy going about the design, it’s halfway in-between the Bert Krak/Lee Hanna flash that she liked and the real old one they probably got it from.

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